Company Overview

TTG is constituted on the basis of professional excellence. We employ the best task force for every project we do which makes us providers of geospatial solutions that pass the tests of;

Time & Quality

The speed of production and delivery is of essence to us at TTG and it is made possible by the availability of resources at our exposure.We impress our clients by the clarity, the simplicity and maximum coverage for the maps, the charts and raw data among others.

Professional competency

TTG brings together professional geospatial engineers, surveyors, geographers among others that are up to the task. This ensures we give the best in meeting our clients’ needs.

Precision & Accuracy

Our aim is to ensure our products depict reality. It is therefore a habit that the required accuracy and precision are considered right from data collection, through processing to the final stage.

Our Services



Both Topographical & Thematic maps



Land and engineering surveys


GIS Solutions

Land use, environmental trend & change/time series analysis


Geospatial Solutions

Geospatial databases design and construction

Geospatial software applications installation

Our Guiding Principles

Our Mission

To optimise on our professional potential providing premium Mapping, GIS and Survey solutions at reasonable and affordable costs.

Our Vision

Become a world class organization providing geospatial solutions globally.

Our core values

TTG fraternity believes in the following core values;

1) Professionalism

2) Teamwork

3) Commitment to customer values

4) Responsiveness to the industry trends

5) Time consciousness


Our company is committed to providing various geospatial solutions. We are also open to collaboration with other competent organizations in availing mapping data & sharing more on the geo technical world.